A Life Aligned: The Journey to Allowing the Magic in Your Life

Foreword by Dr. Margaret Paul
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They have the power to create success and prosperity or lack and limitation for you. Focus your mind; manifest your destiny. Science, technology and spirituality are not separate. They are all connected.


When we merge them and allow a stronger flow of cosmic energy through us, our journey takes us toward an evolution of consciousness and life. The focus of this Spiritual Alchemy series is to open up to receiving by harnessing the energies of the stars to heal your past, change your generational programming with special Star-Vortex energies and to open yourself up to receiving teachings and guidance from a Star Council collective consciousness of a group of stars and more.

Are you ready to receive the next steps of your life purpose and your Soul-vision? Spiritual Alchemy — Rebirth: Learn to use energy and information from the stars to heal, transform and manifest to create your ideal life.

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The journeys, integrations and activations that you will experience in the Spiritual Alchemy — Rebirth program will help you to unlock new possibilities in your life. Close search.

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Join the community.. Click Here! It will allow you to wake up every morning with a feeling of being on fire with passion for what you do. It will make the hard days less so and the good days more incredible. What could be a better way to spend a life?

Our modern societies offer a limited selection of career options to pursue. In addition to this, we tend to hyper-focus on vocations when it comes to how we spend our time.

Our lives are taken up by the work we do to pay our bills. If you feel like a healer, what you feel drawn toward might not exist in the awareness of the mainstream career world, either. You might need to get creative. You also might have to think of your calling as something beyond a job. Some people find satisfaction doing a job they enjoy to pay the bills and pouring their passion and purpose into something they do outside of work. You do what feels right and works best for you.

Higher Self - Inspire Your Journey

Here are a few exercises to help you dig deep to find that burning purpose inside. Many of us get into habits and unconscious routines. Get curious about your feelings and reactions to situations.

Begin to notice the moments when your ears perk up and you come alive. Track the times when friends and family members come to you for advice or a listening ear. What do they turn to you for?

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Is there something they always ask for or a common theme to the things people ask you to help them with? Pay attention to compliments and unusual comments people make about you. The more labor, experience, pain, and emotions that are poured into your purposeful path, the more committed and experienced you become with it.

Package 1: Clarity

A Life Aligned is about living dreams. It is about possibilities. It is about living a life by allowing a life. It is about absolute fulfillment. And it is about magic! Now on . Are you ready for the journey of your life? Join internationally recognized author and coach Dr. Mark Arcuri on an amazing journey of self-discovery, growth, and.

Every step is making you better at whatever your purpose may be. See all these exploratory steps as developing your character, refining your skills, and teaching you about what really makes your heart sing.

How to Overcome These 7 Spiritual Blocks to Success

Or you might find out that a particular path is much different than you expected. All of these experiences are clues to help you refine your options and guide you toward what lights you up inside.

Keep moving. Sure, some people really do have just one purpose or calling in life. But most of us have a more complicated relationship with our life purposes. Just as our lives are dynamic and ever-changing, so is the enigmatic life purpose. See it as more of an unfolding process with many layers instead of a singular destination.

Powerful REPROGRAMMING! Let Go and Surrender Affirmations for Sleep. Allow, Trust, Faith.

Your purpose in life will evolve, change, and grow as you do. Lean in and be patient with how everything unfolds. Stay open to all the gifts and learning experiences that come your way.