A Teachers Manual for Environment Education

A Teachers Manual for Environment Education
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Teachers can create content with associated activities such as bulletin board and quiz functions.

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Accordingly, laboratories and teachers will no longer have to create their own websites with a download page. Widespread use of the system will not benefit teachers alone. To date, students have had to access different websites for different courses to collect materials for each lecture. However, the use of the system by all divisions would allow students to collect materials for different courses with only a single access to the system.

If teachers use the system to distribute materials for class preparation that will allow students to gain basic knowledge out of class time, they will be able to spend more time on providing applied knowledge or reviewing basic knowledge in classes.

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Although teachers can create a new account at the portal site, all teacher accounts require separate set-up procedures to be undertaken by the system administrator. For instructors who have had their lectures videotaped, CEED will create accounts for them and inform them of their account information by e-mail.

Click on the link below to go to the portal site. After logging in, you will find your course s listed under My courses in the lower central part of the screen. The lecture begins. Students who have difficulty in attending regular face-to-face classes due to unavoidable reasons, like part-time students with jobs and credited auditors i. For further details, see the using e-learning chart. Students in the Graduate School of Engineering, the Graduate School of Information Science and Technology or the School of Engineering are eligible to earn credits if they have been judged as having unavoidable reasons for not attending regular classes by both the course instructor s and their supervisors or course directors.

A manual for teachers and organizers who work with children, ages Describes over 70 activities for learning the fun way in the garden. Includes tips for site selection, etc. Washington, DC A catalog listing environmental films for young people is available upon request. Classroom activity series, each issue focusing on a specific area of nature and science teach- ing.

Includes up-to-date background information about that issue's topic; activity ideas to reinforce learning; ready-to- copy activity sheets; a craft section; and an appendix. Fifteen minutes, narrative script, educator's guide. Discover Wildlife in Your World. Ten minutes, narrative script, educator's guide.

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Fourteen minutes, narrative script, educator's guide. We Care About Eagles. Fifteen minutes, nar- rative script, educator's guide. Ranger Rick Grades K Monthly natural science maga- zine for young people.

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True adventures, stories, photo- graphs, puzzles, games, contests, and pull-out surprises. Pyramid Rims Box Santa Monica, California A catalog listing environmental films for young people is available upon request. Curriculum on recycling, reuse, and waste reduction. Teacher lesson plans, student activities, and worksheets. Environmental education bimonthly news- letter. The Old Bullfrog Grades K-l. A lesson in nature study about a wise old bullfrog who outwits a hungry heron. Includes one filmstrip and one cassette, teacher lesson plan, and student activity sheets.

The Lorax Grades An introduction to ecology and conservation. A once-beautiful forest becomes a smog- covered dump. The loud and dire warnings of the Lorax are ignored for short-term monetary gains. Includes two film- strips and two cassettes, teacher lesson plan, and student activity sheets. An introduction to many current pollution issues.

I Care My Book Of Environmental Awareness Teacher's Manual-2

Through specific examples, children learn what pollution is, how it is caused, and why we should be concerned about it. They will also learn what people can do to help solve the problem.

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Includes four filmsrrips and two cassettes. The Interdependence of Nature Grades Four-part pro- gram emphasizing the importance of conservation by demonstrating the interrelationships in nature. Includes four filmstrips and two cassettes. Witt They Survive? Grades Two-part program examin- ing the reasons certain species are endangered, what has been done to save them, and their chances for survival.

Wildlife Needs You. Brochure on the importance of protect- ing wildlife. Written specifically for children. Classroom activity plans for teaching children about the problems of solid waste. Environmental Coloring Books.

A list of good environmen- tal coloring books available from various sources. Other materials available on a variety of environmental subjects. Describe the topic s you wish to know more about, and Pat Suiter will send the materials she has and information as to how additional materials may be obtained. Includes a two-sided diskette, a page student manual, and a page teacher's guide. Guide includes more than 50 activities and 60 teaching strategies that blend soil and water conservation into language arts, mathematics, social studies, and science curricula.

All materials carried in a three-ring binder.

Apage, full-color cartoon book- let and a four-page teacher's guide. Presents the history of land use from B. Describes what young people and adults can do to help conserve natural resources. Plants: Improving Our Environment Grade 4 and above. Describes how people are dependent upon green plants for food, water, shelter, and oxygen, and how we use plants for pollution abatement, soil conservation, beautification, building materials, and much more.

Pre- sents adventure story that focuses on the role of the in- dividual in environmental decision-making.

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University of California Extension Media Center Fulton Street Berkeley, California A catalog listing environmental films for young people is available upon reauest. Waste management and classroom activity guide, 80 activity plans, current articles recycling curriculum. The primary goal is to reduce waste and research reports, glossary, bibliography, list of re- and increase recycling in school and at home.

A page sources, and solid waste fact sheet. Washington, DC. A selected bibliography of published books on en- vironmental issues, generally available at local public librar- ies. Explore Your Environment Grades Educates students to a greater awarene Includes puzzles and experiments for young people. A story about the need to protect the environment, and what the world would be like if we didn't.

Information brochures and an application concerning en- vironmental projects that may earn regional and national awards for students. Air Quality What is the Greenhouse Effect? A fact sheet explaining the earth's atmosphere and how pollutants in the air are affecting it.