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I left after day one because Tony is a master salesman! I saw people loving him too much and sort of treTi g him like a God! Tony is not a God, he is a very powerful human being with extraordinary skill sets! I started to notice that people were more into him than his methods and everything was about money! It totally changed my outlook on seminars in general!!!!

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I do t want to become part of a cult following! I wanted to be inspired! I was inspired in the first day, after that it seemed like a bunch of sheep buying his products that just happened to be relevant to every subject he was teaching!!!! Unleashed my Power Within??? I so respect you for your honesty, individually and explaination of what worked for you and what didn't I think he is very sincere in what he does but I also think he feeds off of people who have deep emotional issues that were never addressed therefore fishing for people who want those needs acknowledged and even addressed.

He knows how to pull that out of anyone which in itself is honorable but the self righteous entitlement attitude that Not that it should be free but all that need it do not get access. I feel it is the rich getting richer by preying on the weak. It is exceptable today to take what you think you deserve. There is no limit to greed. It is a choice. He also teaches others to coach so when he is no longer doing it he can profit from teaching them the same thing he has done.

His fees are outrageous.

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I like his way of speaking but he is not a god nor is he infallible?. He is good at what he does. Hi Sir, I am from India. I am trying to improve my self since and still I am trying. According to my expectation I have not achieve anything. These are the issues I am facing currently and I want to get out of these. Communication issue. Language issue poor English I am salary person. However I have to pay high amount of EMI every month.

Relationship issue. Feeling afraid negative thought almost every time.

Welcome to Revitalization.

I have seen couple of videos as well. I have seen that you tought the people for different thinking process in difficult situation. Fair enough. Guy is a 21st century con man, he says some good things, he's also an ego maniac who has made a fortune like a tele evangelist convincing people to be good to themselves while extracting fortunes from them as well.

If he truly cares about human kind he would do these seminars for free.

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I found it to be the best event ever! It changed my life. Thanks for your honesty. We all make different decisions based on how we were raised and by our beliefs and I think it comes down to being open minded and commiting to what you set out to do. Is the line concave or convex. Both are right but which would you choose. A couple of things come to mind. One, UPW is more for the person who is new to transformational work. Personally I had to step completely out of judgement over and over to gain the incredible value that I did from the UPW that I attended with 15k guests.

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Our 2fer promotion came with an Executive Upgrade so basically we were in the center. That felt like a reasonable price.

We weren't told that upfront so it felt a little shocking and disappointing. His stand-in was amazing however. The up-selling was painful. It was hard to trust that every time we got into a vulnerable state there was an enormous push to benefit from something that would pay him more money. Products, workouts, clubs, and more courses. I think your article is a brilliant way to promote your brands and feels truly authentic. Thank you. I appreciate your giving your opinion on the first few hours of a Tony Robbins event. Day 1 is always about getting people in the right state to be able to receive and appropriately process those things you are learning.

Had you attended the entire event, I suspect your opinion would have been vastly different.

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But you didn't, which means your views account for little to nothing because all of it is assumption and nothing based on fact. But you do have many people reading this so you got what you were after - your name known by more people. Hi It was interesting to read your input on the T. R event I think I can somewhat relate and understand where you come from to some extent but I have to say that yes you do kind of bash T.

Here in Sweden probably most people would think that an T. I dont think that MR Robbins would disagree with some of the things you pointed out. I think that he would see it as something positive that you follow through with what you feel is right for you. His work is a possibility for people to get uplifted and recobnected with themselves.

We should never blindly follow any person or teaching. Look at Buddha,even he himself Said question my teachings learn for yourself.

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You do not have to justify to anyone and explain why you do as you do when it comes to your own choices of this sort. It is important to ledsen how to trust ourselves? You are an experience richer; you realized it wasnt for you and Thats it. Nothing more nothing less. No harm done. I think valuable from this is that you have inne guidance and knowledge of your own and that it is important to acknowledge it no matter what someone else says or does.

So also it is natural that you will not ve inpressed by som things. Dont think too much of yourself though. Also maybe you should appologize even to T. R if he now is your client,this is not really appropriate,if not for that reason only I would say;. You say you do not bash him down.

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But you kind of do. No need to get personal and patronize people just to prove ones point. There is no right nor wrong. But now I know. There is no way that suits ALL of us, and there ARE supposed to be many different ways in life because there is such a variaty in things here in the world. That having one way of doing things wouldnt be possible in and off itself. I once myself left an event not his , that I didnt feel was my thing.

I just told the teacher it didnt feel right and that it wasnt for me. It wasnt even possible to get a refound. Still though I felt happy for my experience and the nice people I had met during that first day but most of all I was happy for my own guidance sistem that told me which way to go. People rarely chose to think for themselves these days and also there's a lot of self doubt out there I know because I do.

I come from the country that in the previous era it was free and clear from bombardment of advertisers. In one word I walked out on a book written by another famous around the world author and I got no issues with not agreeing with someone on any given topic no matter how famous they are.

No one is God here so use your judgement wisely. I have a 20 year old son who is struggling with low self esteem, procrastination. I thought that going through a powerful motivational course might just "awaken" something in him and push him out of his negative state I went through a dark period after losing my mother, sister and sorta got knocked out by life. There is no magic formula, but there are changes you can make that help.

It helped me a ton. It could help your son as well. It takes work, and time putting the work in. But if you do the work, building self-esteem is a side-effect.


Ain't No Success Secrets, 47 Real-World Prosperity Principles Hidden In Plain Sight eBook: Michael J. Dolpies: Kindle Store. Ain't No Success Secrets: 47 Real-World Prosperity Principles Hidden in Plain Sight (Audible Audio Edition): Michael J. Dolpies, T. David Rutherford, LLC.

Great write up. Very insightful coming from someone who is a seasoned entrepreneur. Thanks for sharing. I absolutely respect your opinion of this.