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The warring factions in the mind are dealt with through journal work. After the mock-up stage, a designer must develop his design with an eye toward the end product. In Visioning, this is the step of integration, of putting all the pieces together on the paper to create a Vision collage. Gradually, the images and words that speak for the dream are being committed to paper and glued down for good. It is an experience of surrender to some inner knowing, to the creative self which has a vision and the creative conscience which speaks from the heart. By combining photos and phrases in new ways, new connections are made and personal meaning is revealed.

As visual as the design process is, eventually the designer must translate his design and communicate it in words to others. Drawings, blueprints, diagrams must be explained to production specialists, manufacturers, and builders. It is the act of gaining deeper insight.

The first part of articulation is to quietly sit and contemplate the collage. What does it say? What surprises does it hold? What is the resistance, if any, to taking this Vision collage seriously and believing that it will come true? One question to be avoided is, "How am I going to make this dream happen? Anxiety and fear only block energy. Following the guided contemplation, journal-writing activities are used for more deeply exploring meaning in the pictures and phrases.

As the visual right brain has its say in art and the verbal left brain gets to talk through the written word , both hemispheres of the brain are activated and integrated. It is now time for the production process.

The artwork that results from collage-making is a visual affirmation. As with verbal affirmations, which are positive self-talk messages, the Vision collage establishes and reinforces a desired goal or experience. The Visionary exercises her visual right brain which sees the pictures by using the visual affirmations on a daily basis. By looking at the collage repeatedly, the images are reinforced in the imagination and memory. Practicing the art and science of building wishes and dreams in the world of physical reality develops "practical imagination.

The clearer the collage image, the more receptive we can be when it shows up in real life.

How to Find Yourself Again When You’re Feeling Lost [12222 Update]

The very concreteness of the photo collage makes it the perfect vehicle for reinforcing—through the eyes—the inner vision of the heart. We take it out of the realm of imagination and bring it down to earth. In order to make their designs a reality, designers get help. After sharpening their own skills, they enlist the support and expertise of others. Step 9 is both an internal process of enhanced perception and an external one of working with others. Fortunately, the specific and realistic nature of the photo collage makes this easy.

The guesswork has been removed.

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The collage and the physical reality look and feel the same. There may even be captions that are specific. However, it is not unusual for resistance to arise at this point. We start questioning: "Can I afford it? Do I have time for it? Does my life situation permit me to have this? The idea of some strange rummaging around downstairs in the middle of the night is scary.

To stop these types of dreams, just stop watching TV. Being shot is something that almost no one in the first world really experiences in REAL life. We only hear about it in third world countries, in the news or in films. Dreaming about horses can mean that you want or feel like you HAVE more freedom in your life. Horses and horseback riding is usually linked with being free, in nature, and riding around doing essentially what you want. Kissing dreams are a very common dream that usually just link to your intense desire to have sex and have intimate contact with the opposite sex. Often when we jump really high in dreams it actually turns into a flying dream.

In fact the most common way of flying in dreams is just to jump really high and see what happens. Nobody wants to be kidnapped. This type of dream is actually a LOT more common among parents, who are scared that their child might be taken. Missing a flight or a ride is something that annoys you. I would imagine that lots of people dream about quitting their job. It just means you want more freedom or a change. Creating a change in your life is actually pretty simple, you just have to DO it. Quitting a job also, is easy, you just have to take the step. Dreaming of being rich or having lots of money is actually more about the freedom.

Yes, another dream that means you want more freedom.

5 Steps to Living Your Dreams

The reason there are so many dreams that mean the same thing is because so many people want more freedom and time in their lives. Their brains just have different ways of portraying it in a dream. These are the forces which guide our dreams, those and also love. Consider which areas of your life need fixing and then do it! This is actually a fairly wise dream. Deep down your brain and your true self knows that life consists of many ups and downs.

There will be good times, and bad times. This is a reminder that you should expect good and bad times in life. Tattoos are a very personal and individual thing, and so to dream about them means you might want to stand out a bit more. Aliens mean different things for everyone.

It can be just a sign that your brain is thinking about the results.

How to work out what your dreams mean

To dream about it can mean that you want more excitement and action in your life. Remember what I said about most dreams meaning you want change, or fear change? Mountains have always been associated with challenge or obstacle to overcome. So to dream about a mountain is usually just your brain internalising a challenge. We all like the idea of finding love, and dreams are often a way for this desire to manifest.

You can actually have LUCID dreams about falling in love, and they can be very vivid and interesting.

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Maybe you want to wash yourself of a situation or a person. Losing a shoe is a dream that just relates to not being protected. Shoes are very heavily linked with protection from the elements and the dangers on the ground. The idea of talking to animals has been around for a while, and so to dream about it can mean that you just need to get back in touch with nature.

This refers to your desire to change things to go back and live that one moment one more time. This type of dream is positive almost all the time, and you should pay attention to this one. Think about the areas of your life that you might be able to develop more like a talent or skill. Being lost in a forest can mean one of two things. For a lot of people being lost and just finding yourself in a hidden or unknown place is very appealing.

This can symbolise frustration and even anger sometimes.

Think about whether there are any unresolved conflicts with people in your past or something like that. Lots of people are worried about being stuck or staying in the same place for too long. The things you focus on in life and in dreams are the things you then experience more of. By focusing on the thing you fear, you experience more of it!

It just means your brain wants to experience it. Or if you dream about a famous athlete, it could suggest you want to become an athlete. This can mean many things. Argument dreams usually refer to unresolved emotional issues with a relationship or a situation. You think they always leave the lights on and it annoys you.

You are a Super Attractor! In this 26-minute audiobook introduction I’ll tell you why.

We all want wealth in some way. To dream about it just means your brain is confirming your desire for wealth. It can also be linked to freedom and time because money and time are usually linked.

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Your childhood home, for the most part is a symbol of safety and love. To dream about laughing or finding something funny can be a good thing. Do not let your past define you or hold you back. Your past does not shape your future. Regardless of whatever might have happened in your past, you can start taking action and achieve the kind of future you want for yourself. With this quote, American media proprietor and talk show host Oprah Winfrey reminds us that no success can be achieved without failure.