Deep and Dark and Dangerous

Deep and Dark and Dangerous
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Born two months premature at four pounds, Kate Noelle Holmes made her first appearance on December 18, , in Toledo, Ohio.

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Smith An actor and producer known as much for his versatility as he is for his handsome face, Golden Globe-winner Brad Pitt's most widely recognized role may be Tyler Durden in Fight Club Nicole Kidman Actress Moulin Rouge! Just to set up base camp in Mexico, his team had to move six truckloads of material more than twelve hundred miles and up a mountain. Then the real work began. You have to go down a certain distance, return to the surface, then drill down a little farther, over and over, until you can go no deeper.

While one group is recovering on the surface, the other is shuttling provisions farther into the cave. Latrines had to be dug, ropes rigged, supplies consumed, and refuse carried back to the surface. Stone called them mules.

They met at a party where Stone overheard her talking about tactical rigging. The trucks were scheduled to leave in two days, and every corner of the house had been requisitioned for supplies. One room was piled with cook pots, cable ladders, nylon line, and long underwear. Another had dry suits, diving masks, rebreathers, and oxygen bottles.

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In the basement, eight long picnic tables were stacked with more than a thousand pounds of provisions. Shrink-wrapped flats of peanuts, cashews, and energy bars sat next to rows of four-litre bottles filled with staples and dry mixes: quinoa, oatmeal, whey protein, mangos, powdered potatoes, and broccoli-cheese soup.

Stone had tamped in some of the ingredients using an axe handle.

In Mexico, the supplies would be replenished with local beans, vegetables, and dried machaca beef. Cavers, even more than climbers, have to travel light and tight. Bulky packs are a torture to get through narrow fissures, and every ounce is extracted tenfold in sweat. Over the years, caving gear has undergone a brutal Darwinian selection, lopping off redundant parts and vestigial limbs.

Toothbrushes have lost their handles, forks a tine or two, packs their adjustable straps. Underwear is worn for weeks on end, the bacteria kept back by antibiotic silver and copper threads. Simple items are often best: Nalgene bottles, waterproof and unbreakable, have replaced all manner of fancier containers; cavers even stuff their sleeping bags into them.

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Yet the biggest weight savings have come from more sophisticated gear. Stone has a Ph. Their carbon-fibre tanks weighed a fourth of what conventional tanks weigh and lasted more than four times longer underwater; their software could precisely regulate the mix and flow of gases. Photograph by Emiliano Granado. Headlamps, phones, scuba computers, and hammer drills used to drive rope anchors into the rock all use lithium batteries that have to be recharged. On this trip the cavers would also be carrying GoPro video cameras for a documentary that would be shown on the Discovery Channel.

In the past, Stone had tried installing a paddle wheel underground to generate electricity from the stream flow, with fairly feeble results. But a single bottle of methanol and four fuel cells—each about the size of a large toaster—could power the whole expedition. High-tech gear tends to be fragile and finicky. While I was in Texas, one of the rebreathers kept shutting down for no apparent reason it was later found to have a faulty fail-safe program , and this was the sixth generation of that design.

Stone would keep them in shockproof, watertight cases, but he doubted that would suffice. His gangly frame—six feet four, with a wingspan nearly as wide—was kept knotty by free weights, and he could still outclimb and outcarry most twenty-five-year-olds.


But he was getting old for an extreme sport like this, and he knew it. He had the whiskered, weather-beaten look of an old lobsterman.

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As a leader, Stone models himself on the great expeditionary Brits of the past century. But Shackleton, despite shipwreck and starvation, never lost a man under his direct command. Cave diving is less forgiving. Stone has lost four teammates on his expeditions, including Henry Kendall, the Nobel Prize-winning physicist. Kendall failed to turn on the oxygen in his rebreather while cave diving in Florida. Others have succumbed to narcosis or hypoxia, fallen from cliffs or had grand-mal seizures, lost their way or lost track of time.

He can be inspiring one moment and dismissive the next. In , Brown and Stone were called in to help remove the body of a female diver from a cave near Altoona, Pennsylvania.

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When they found her, she was tangled in rope at the bottom of a sump, arms so stiff that, Brown recalled, Stone suggested they cut them off for easier transport. It took them two days to get her out, with Stone pushing from behind. By the time I arrived at base camp, in mid-March, the team had settled into a soggy routine. A week underground followed by ten days on the surface. Five days of drizzle followed by one day of sun.

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The camp was spread out beneath pines and low-hanging clouds, on a rare stretch of relatively flat ground. To one side, the Discovery crew had erected a geodesic dome with two full editing stations inside. To the other, the cavers had hung a giant blue tarp, sheltering a long plywood table, stacks of provisions, and a pair of two-burner camp stoves. On most expeditions, base camp is a place to dry out and recover from infections acquired underground—cracked skin and inflamed cuts and staph bacteria that burrow under your fingernails till they ooze pus.

But this forest was nearly as wet as the cave.

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Her cousin's continuous nightmares of bones beneath the wide lake and her mysterious friend, Sissy they met. The crown felt more like a shield than his actual armor. When his parents die in a car wreck, he comes to depend on the love, friendship and support of his two older brothers and a gang of friends defined by poverty, bad attitudes and long greasy hair. At the lake, Emma befriends a rude girl named Sissy. Little does she know that its previous owner - who's been dead for seven years - wants it back.

If you wish to survive, you need to cultivate a strong mental attitude. But, looking at all the gleaming eyes around the fire, I was mostly reminded of the Island of Lost Boys. Beneath all the mud and gloom and dire admonitions, there burned an ember of self-satisfaction—of pride in their wretched circumstance and willingness to endure it. Fifty-four cavers from thirteen countries, forty-three of them men and eleven women, would pass through the camp that spring. The team had a core of twenty or so veteran members, reinforced by recruits from caving groups worldwide.

On any given day, the cave might be home to a particle physicist from Berkeley, a molecular biologist from Russia, a spacecraft engineer from Washington, D. They were a paradoxical breed: restlessly active yet fond of tight places, highly analytical yet indifferent to risk.