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Works Great. Each chore has a money value. Just an amount we decided upon. We decided on a minimal amount to start, with a meager raise as the children got older. We also give money rewards for good grades in school. The younger kids are required to do simple chores and are compensated for what they do. Top of my head. They also use it for school lunches.

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Since my older one is in High School and his lunches are more expense he gets more money. I had to develop a chore system. Discussed needs. Base amount plus extra for certain chores. Cash, if I have it. I do not always have cash, therefore the lack of consistency for giving them allowance on a weekly basis. At their birthday, they get another dollar per week. I came up with the base amount by pricing things they like to buy - mostly books.

I wanted them to have to save for a couple of weeks to obtain the desired object. Based on how much they need to cover the things they are expected to pay for. If they are exceptionally helpful, I give them a bonus. They earn most of their money by making good grades in school.

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An arbitrary decision on my part. General community standards.

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Random amount that seems reasonable for a child of this age. One dollar per day for a max of five days for every day that she does chores wash, dinner, dishes. Just 20 dollars every two weeks. It's pre-set.

However much they need. It seemed like a fair amount. I used to give 5 cents per completed chore.

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Share a read-aloud story and a fun art project to teach cold-season manners. Alice's Adventures in Wonderland 7. Jeering masses threw works by Alfred Kerr into the flames, as well as books by other writers such as Heinrich Mann and Franz Werfel. It is a one-book humanities course. The LORD blessed him, [] and the man became rich; he prospered more and more until he became very wealthy.

I think I will revise with a basic allowance which includes an expectation of basic chores plus a bonus for extra chores. Depends on their chores as to how many they did and whether they were good or bad. Total of money for school lunch, church donation and discretionary money. I just say I will give you money if you do this for me!! Or I say I will give you an allowance if you clean your room!! We give him the amount of dollars equal to his age. He is currently nine, six dollars goes to a college and car fund that he is not allowed to access, three dollars goes to a toy account that he can spend however he would like.

Goes according to Dad's paycheck. Mutually agreed upon by parent and child Talked to friends. This will be adjusted, though, if they do not continue to help. Their chores will vary daily depending on the routine of the day care for that day number of children, time of arrival, weather, etc. We do exclude cleaning of their bedrooms and feeding the cats and dog from their list of chores.

In other words, this expected of them and not part of the chore list. Just gave an amount. Currently, looking at a minimum wage type of reimbursement for work beyond chores. If they do their chores. Just figured what I could do at this time. Seemed like a reasonable amount. One dollar per week per year of age. Enough to buy a little something or save.

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[PDF] Lousy Thinking: a book for children age 8/9/10/11/12 (Childrens Books) by Mike Davies. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. You can. Lousy Thinking: a book for children age 8/9/10/11/12 (Childrens Books). Mike Davies. Published November 21st ISBN: Kindle Edition. pages. Book .

Job function and family budget. Set amount. Child's age. Grade in school. For 14 yr old, started at age 13 to give weekly allowance to meet age. But he has to pay for all his activities. He doesn't have to be responsible to pay everything, but pays for all toys, etc. Conferred with another parent. Asked how much other parents were giving. Some to spend, some to save. Each chore equals a certain dollar amount.

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He has to pay me every time I have to remind him to do that particular chore. Lunch money plus some fun money if they take their lunch from home. No method. However old they are, they are required to do that number of chores weekly. Every day they receive 25 cents for each chore they completed the day before. That way, over a months time 4 weeks they receive their age in dollars. We tried to come up with amounts that would allow our children to have sufficient to buy the things they want.

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For instance, it did not seem reasonable to us to make them save for six weeks in order to buy a book. They must do their basic chores i. Extra chores get paid by the job. No particular system. It seemed to be an amount that was realistic for this current time. By child's listening and attention span at home and at school. If she brings home anything less, she gets nothing. His needs - scout dues, church activities, etc. Consumer Reports and fellow parents of this area.

They earn. If they do nothing, they get nothing.

For some reason, I made it as low as I could get away with based on how much money I carry in my wallet. Seems hard to come up with more than dollars in cash at one time since I live mostly on my electronic cards. We wanted to have an amount to give weekly and then we have other work we hope our son will ask to do to earn "extra money. Half of the kids' age. Buck a year. They get paid every time they make their bed.

If they don't make their bed, they lose 2 days of making the bed. They also have to keep their rooms clean. The more work they do around the house the more money they get. Any chores that did not get done, he is docked 25 cents. How well she behaves and her maturity and the chores she does. We figured out what we would like to have accomplished on a weekly, daily basis and then split them up equally between the two 14 year olds. The initial dollar amount as based on what it would take to get the work done. But it soon became minor as soon as side jobs became available.

Twice the age of the child bimonthly. Dunno, just thought "OK, he can have 12 to spend each month and 8 to save.

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Based on hourly work. Same as minimum wage. We matched the allowance with their age. The same applies to our 8 year-old. I take into consideration the amount of chores and what they consist of, and go from 50 cents a chore to 25 cents for any extra chore done and if chores are done without being told to do them. Chores done.