Obama Is A Muslim? Surprising fun facts about Islam

Confirmed: Barack Obama Practiced Islam
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Unarmed prisoners in Pakistan are executed point blank before cameras. Pirates in Somalia. Janjaweed arab cowboys in Sudan.

Islam Fast Facts

Slave traders in Yemen. Separatist in the Caucuses.

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Obama-Rama No More [ words]. Finally, the issues, and not religion. If not for oil, why would we care what "they" think? Jump to navigation. Follow Daniel Pipes. The data also show that Muslim Americans are a very young group.

Kidnappers in Philippines. Splinter terror groups in Indonesia.

Is Barack Obama as a 'radical Muslim' who 'will not recite the Pledge of Allegiance'?

See the Best Books of the Month Want to know our Editors' picks for the best books of the month? Browse Best Books of the Month, featuring our favorite new . Here's another fact: Islam has always been part of America.. And it was interesting, in the discussion I had before I came out, some people.

This is muslim blood shed by militant islam. It is most blatant in Pakistan. And yet muslims do not see this threat. External threats rather than the more real internal threats. Death from a god-fearing, pius, blood-thristy muslim, is still a violent death. As we're currently seeing in Syria and other Arab nations, the rulers have reasons not to settle their conflict with Israel and that stokes weird dreams in which Arab nations emerge triumphant, reverse their "humiliations", etc.

But in the context of the US, why do we care about the Arab world's opinions? We never cared what the Soviets or Red Chinese thought because we believed those ideologies were wrong. The entire Arab world translates fewer books into Arabic than Greece does into Greek.

What do they know? What do they contribute to our society?

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The Arab world has produced 1 Nobel scientific winner. To be clear, I'm not counting Pakistan as Arab because it is not. If not for oil, why would we care what "they" think? We used to hear about the "Arab street". We barely give a hoot about what minorities in our own country think. We make a big deal about how little we care about what the French think.

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Again, if not for oil, we wouldn't think about them. A lot of them live in the midst of grinding poverty, corrupt government, and military checkpoints. Do you seriously expect tolerance and olive branches from them, or do you expect to see a human powder keg? Does it dry up like a raisin in the sun?

Lots of advice for Obama on dealing with Muslims and Islam

Or fester like a sore-- And then run? Does it stink like rotten meat? Or crust and sugar over-- like a syrupy sweet? But i suppose the government of PM Salam Fayyad is a step forward in terms of governance. And the Arab Spring itself brings fresh hope to the region, more than the scripted negotiations between those rigid old guards. The future lies in our youth. I'm still wondering why the Economist thinks the West should welcome their emigrates with open arms and state wallets. The only solution is for American government and military to get out of the middle east completely.

Let businesses interact with each other. Let economic ties take the lead. Why is Israel America's problem? They are capable of defending themselves. We don't have to dictate to them or to anyone else what to do.

Lots of advice for Obama on dealing with Muslims and Islam

We have enough problems at home. First off, we Americans were instructed not to say his middle name because that indicates racism. Therefore, this notion that Arabs are going to respect a man of African descent, whom many Arabs would normally view as a servant because of his descent, with a middle name that Americans are not supposed to say, is preposterous. Listen to the statistically averaged opinion; it will reflect what the people have been taught to think.

The obvious solution to the Israel situation is to teach toleration for that nation. Not that I consider that likely; they are just too handy a scapegoat. If America wants to improve its image in the region, it should provide support for good governance. This has something to do with the Arab Marshall Plan that Obama talked about. They can provide money with strings attached. Unfortunately, this kind of money is dwarfed by the military support more or less unconditional given to the likes of Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan.

Oh well, i guess we cut the Pakistani one. I was almost forgetting the tax dollars we unconditionally funnel to Tel Aviv every year. My bad. A poll by a man, Who apparently is in the midst of a marked shift rightward puts Muslims in a bad light.

Obama in Cairo

Egro, Obama and the US's unpopularity with Muslims has nothing to do with their position on Palestine Writings by Topic. Go to Mobile Site. That's a strong word. To assess MMfA's claim, let's review its preferred article and examine what Barker has to say on four topics related to Obama's Indonesian years, His attendance at a Catholic school; His attendance at a public school; His step-father, Lolo Soetoro; and His friend, Zulfan Adi. To start with, about the Catholic school, Fransiskus Strada Asisia, which Obama attended words in square brackets are added by me : Interviews with dozens of former classmates, teachers, neighbors and friends show that Obama was not a regular practicing Muslim when he was in Indonesia, despite being listed as a Muslim on the registration form for the Catholic school, Strada Asisia, where he attended 1 st through 3 rd grades.

During a recent visit to this public school, Barker found that Weekly religious classes are required for all students, whether Muslims, Christians or Hindus, under the government curriculum. As for Zulfan Adi, cited in the Los Angeles Times piece: Zulfan Adi, a former neighborhood playmate of Obama's who has been cited in news reports as saying Obama regularly attended Friday prayers with Soetoro, told the Tribune he was not certain about that when pressed about his recollections. Note in particular three excerpts from Barker's article: "Interviews with dozens of former classmates, teachers, neighbors and friends show that Obama was not a regular practicing Muslim when he was in Indonesia" — implying he was an irregularly practicing Muslim.

Calling this a falsehood is in itself a falsehood. Moore, Jr. Now how do the world stop large scale Armaggedon [31 words] Ambrose Okpokpo Mar 28, 8 Barak the Moslem [ words] Martin Horan Aug 6, 1 how u know I am also a Christian, a Muslim, a Buddhist and a Jew.

Do you know?

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Dec 27, which is he [ words] Jhasamel Jan 22, 2 moral equivalence [ words] D. Saltsgaver Jan 13, What came first? You got to be kidding me! Nov 18, they[arab christian] know who they[moslem] realy are [32 words] praying Dec 3, Confusing child dependence with opinion [ words] Stephen Gray Nov 3, Man!! Oct 29, 1 indonesian islam [ words] munawar saleh Oct 31, Obama is the Anti-christ?? Ha ha ha ha [5 words] Jake Nov 17, America [ words] Ken Oct 29, Something in the tap water [ words] michael martin galley Oct 28, Creepy [43 words] Pava Oct 29, funny democracy and funny human right [ words] munawar saleh Oct 29, British [ words] Ken Nov 3, Another thing [ words] Ken Nov 3, Muslim [ words] Paul Oct 27, american democracy [33 words] munawar saleh Oct 28, Apparently you haven't read the Koran [73 words] Bill Oct 31, Congratulation to all Americans!

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You took it entirely out of context. Tony I think we might have to rethink Mr. Obama's so called Christian background It's Morale, stupid. Bali Bombings? Floyd Markham Sep 6, I'm glad you pointed out Obama is an Islamic Muslim [ words] Mat Sep 13, I may be an Aussie but I am not totally ignorant of US history and law [ words] Atheist Australian Sep 22, Christian World opinion [46 words] John Walker Nov 29, obama is liberty [ words] abhijit Jan 5, Truth either is or is not [74 words] Cheryl Chandler Jan 5, He's No Muslim [22 words] Thomas McGowan Aug 13, Girls in School Picture [15 words] None Offered Aug 13, character [83 words] logical Aug 11, Obama Likes to Hide [ words] Marie Aug 8, Obama's life experience [19 words] Emery Tuttle Aug 21, If obama's biological father is Muslim and his stepfather was muslim and his mother was an atheist White ones are not.

Former CIA officer: Stop calling Islam a 'religion of peace'

I'll tell you [ words] Jill Infidel Aug 27, ahhhh I'm Obama, whomever you want me to be. Confirmed Barack Obama practiced Islam [ words] Anne Aug 4, Trivial [ words] donvan Aug 5, are you kidding me??? Make Obama white and McCain black Aug 30, Stop fooling yourself into thinking that you really are open minded [30 words] Rational Sep 8, What's important for America [ words] Rosemarie Aug 2, You make a great point No way!!

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Go figure [ words] dhimmi no more Aug 9, More fantasy from our dear Jon [ words] dhimmi no more Aug 9, Our dear Jon and more ignorance [ words] dhimmi no more Aug 9, And much more fantasy [50 words] dhimmi no more Aug 10, NO! Oh please! You are free to be a muslim? Ambrose Okpokpo Jun 16, 2 Thanks to our Christian God for Muslims for being the stabilizing force between all human race. One who has been lied to Don't drink the Kool Aid!