Rest Stop #89 - a short story

Legendary Developing Stephen King Short Story ‘Rest Stop’ As A Feature
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That gave them a distinctive sound of their own and they decided to pursue it. It took a lot of fortitude, particularly as he was the older brother and leader of the band, to give it up for his younger brother. After a temporary halt while Clifford and John Fogerty found ingenious ways to avoid the draft for the Vietnam war, they decided to go full-time in late Radio stations in the US were looking for snappy commercial rock to counteract the rising tide of mind-expanding music whose spiritual home was just 20 miles across the San Francisco Bay.

They mostly had wives or steady girlfriends, and spent the fabled summer of love in ploughing away on the local circuit. Radio was primed for the band, and John Fogerty had found his songwriting range — plus the voice to match.

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It was just how we played together. Two months later they did it again with Bad Moon Rising.

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Derk Seaval and his family take a much-needed rest stop from their explorations in outer space. They only wanted a little rest, relaxation and a fill up. It was just a . "Rest Stop" is a short story by the American writer Stephen King, originally published in the December issue of Esquire and collected in King's

We used to chuckle about it, particularly when people thought we came from Louisiana. Green River was their third No.

It was a feverish pace. That put a tremendous amount of pressure on John, but he was able to do it. Musically John Fogerty was going from strength to strength. But behind the scenes things were beginning to fracture. Creedence had signed the usual slavery deal for an unknown band, but Fantasy were now prepared to re-negotiate. John Fogerty had also signed a separate publishing contract with Fantasy.

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Page at A Celebratory Reading in honour of one of Canada's most outstanding writers. This issue—the last under his editorship—also marks a sort of independence for the magazine. Unless he moves to San Francisco and meets up with my protagonist there, and is not such a fish out of water, but there will still be the same issues, so we will just have to see. Will not get up that way again so will never know what I missed. Plan on either getting a quick meal or taking along a picnic or snacks to eat while you drive. Act Project Compassion provided West Virginia team with gift cards to purchase trip supplies. I'll come with you," replied Zog happily.

Once it started to go sour he dealt with it on a very personal level, and that resulted in a shut-down. According to Cook and Clifford, the band were offered a deal that would have given them 10 per cent of Fantasy Records — effectively 10 per cent of themselves, as they were the only the only chart act on the label. We were there as bandmates, and with ideas to try and help him out of this log-jam, but he just got more and more withdrawn, as if we were attacking him. It was very frustrating. But John said people would forget us. I felt that a world tour would keep us in the public eye.

When Fogerty threatened to bring in the notorious Allen Klein — who was busy making mincemeat of The Beatles and The Rolling Stones and their labels — the others backed off in horror. But contract negotiations with Fantasy had come to a standstill. This situation deteriorated. Clifford says Tom threatened to quit several times during , and that he and Cook would go round and talk him out of it. In February , just after the release of their Pendulum album, Tom Fogerty made good his threat. Creedence continued as a trio.

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They toured Europe again, and Australia and Japan. And within the business people were increasingly aware that all was not well with the band. The rest of the world found out in May when they released the Mardis Gras album. The songs were divided equally between Fogerty, Clifford and Cook. For Clifford and Cook it was the first songwriting credits they had had. And it showed. Those accounts then invariably follow that up with an excoriating attack on the album. And Creedence fans are not going to understand this. Artistically that was a mistake, but we felt we were trying to save the band.

In October , five months after the Mardis Gras album which still reached No. Clifford and Cook were released from their contracts with Fantasy the contracts that had never been renegotiated. Fogerty was not released from his contract. There were no Blue Ridge Rangers — Fogerty sang and played everything on this collection of country covers. But Fogerty claimed that Fantasy did not promote the record properly, and demanded to be released from his contract. Fantasy said no.

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The contract still had eight albums to run. Fogerty refused to record any more songs, so Fantasy sued him for breach of contract. His self-titled solo album came out in , and was Creedence Clearwater Revival without the band — quite literally. The critics loved it but the public was less enthusiastic. But it did nothing in Britain.

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And even Status Quo were in two minds before they recorded it a couple of years later. Fogerty threw himself into another album, but even though he was now free from his Fantasy publishing contract the loss of his Creedence songs gnawed away at him.

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Rest Stop (short story)

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