The I-N-G Years: How God Used Senior Citizens in the Bible

Why does God hate me?
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Spare me the myth of the talking snake and eating an apple. Yeah, well men are crazy and the sure can be a detriment to a woman. If all of your experiences with women are bad, than the problem lies with you, quit picking bad women, problem solved. Why is Adam always seen as a victim?

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He also chose to sin. He could have held out and God would have given him another wife. He blew it, too. The martyrs should have accused God of being mean. He is mean. Those people suffered and died for an all-powerful God who could have stopped it at any moment. What a jerk. But there is also the farmer who has his crop wiped out by pestilence or drought.

Or fire. Or flood. Children born blind, disabled, etc. People plagued by cancer. He just seems really mean. Jesus said he was coming soon.

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God only loves and does for who he wants. People worship him and he spits in their face daily.

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Ask the children who are repeatedly raped. Ask people who beg God for some relief and he does nothing. But yet child molesters, dope dealers and rapists get whatever they want. But a five year old little girl can beg God to stop being raped and he does nothing.

Oh, ya, but God loves you! I so relate to the comments.

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I am turning 51 in a few days and the only deep desire I have had Is to marry and have a child. I have prayed my whole life for this. I have tried my best to be obedient to God and serve him. We are suppose to trust that His plan for us is the best one. Then I look at my sister who is not a Christian and has a wonderful husband and two beautiful children.

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The children were the giants. The definitions for nephilim are: 1. That in spite of the horrors of our world, after life people will be happy with God? There is no Satan, Neither is their god ,that is the truth. The writer is assumming the reader knows who the Nephilim are and when they were on earth. He spent the last night of Johnson's presidency in the White House, and he stayed for the first night of Nixon's.

Please explain about this loving God?? As we can see, nobody has the answers to our pain and torture. The bottom line is if you love somebody, you show it. People I love never have to question my love. We Deserve a answer from our father as to his silence to our cries.

Answers like why do you give us 60 years to get it right but satan gets a planet to rule , rape, and ruin our lives, with us under his whip for thousands of years? Havnt humanity suffered enough? Guess not. I just wish he would explain this to us not as a god but as a father,but good luck with that.

Put infinite power into the hands of an ordinary person and bad things will happen. What is the saying? Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. He projects a public persona that is loving and wonderful. I think most of the horrors of our lives is just for his entertainment. Have you tried finding the amazing lady you want to marry.

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Sometimes God wants us to wait to be blessed sometimes he wants us to work to be blessed. I love God with all my heart. I want Him to be in my life but he keeps failing me. I trust only on him but does He even foe once think of me? I pray, i fast, i am born again but God hates me and want to dissapoint me everytime.

I read His word n believe in it but nothing written there ever works for me.

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It is hard for me coz all my hope, trust n faith i put in Him but i guess he feel happy seeing me suffer. Why should i suffer if Jesus died for me? God may laugh at the Wicked , not you. If you are keeping his word. You will be blessed do not only think about this life. Unfortunately evil exists not Just Jehovah.. This is a sad case where misery does not love company, because it. Yet, I too firmly believe the more I pray, the worse things become in my life.

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The I-N-G Years: How God Used Senior Citizens in the Bible eBook: Nell Meriwether: Kindle Store. [KINDLE] The I-N-G Years: How God Used Senior Citizens in the Bible by Nell Meriwether. Book file. PDF easily for everyone and every device. You can.

I too wonder where the loving God is. I abused myself as a result of these experiences. I ask God to take me home ever day and know one day I will simply end it. I even had therapists abandon me. I have lived in housing that triggered my symptoms and my dreams are gone. I am middle aged now and have never had a bf. I do pray for others as I am able but I am tired of everything. I take responsibility for my own errors but anyone who knows the pain of incest knows how it can devastate your life.

I look at what others have and at the daily struggle I cover up and am sick of it all. Churches I found to be judgmental places.

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I have zero hope for my life. God destroyed it all and let satan torture me and I hate Christianity and its promises. Good luck to all those suffering we all need it. Some people may not understand but I do , I actually get it. I hope you receive All your blessings. So many similar to what I am feeling and going through.