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Comedy clearly runs in the family because Emily's performance is incredible. This was also cast perfectly. Every part of this had me laughing. Autumn, The waning days of the Cold War.

Reading: Juliet E. McKenna

A rogue Stasi colonel has acquired a nuclear bomb and threatens to level Berlin if and when the Wall comes down. Soon after arriving, however, Harper discovers his identity has been compromised.

To stay alive, he must go along with a group of passionate young East Berliners who mistake him for their idol, American superstar David Hasselhoff. But in a case of mistaken identity, the fictional Hasselhoff gets caught up in a covert operation to foil a terrorist attack on Berlin, and the lookalike Hasselhoff has to play the concert instead. Got all that?

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This is the perfect listen if you like your thrillers fast-paced, addictive, and very Hoff-beat. When Ivan Pritchard signs on as a newbie aboard the Mad Astra , it's his final, desperate stab at giving his wife and children the life they deserve. He can survive the hazing of his crewmates, and how many times, really, can near-zero g make you vomit?

But there's another challenge looming out there, in the farthest reaches of human exploration, that will test every man, woman and AI on the ship - and will force Ivan to confront the very essence of what makes him human. For his victims, for their families and for the investigators tasked with finding him, the senselessness and brutality of the Golden State Killer's acts were matched only by the powerlessness they felt at failing to uncover his identity. Amazingly, it seemed, evil finally had a name.

Please note: This work contains descriptions of violent crime and sexual assault and may not be suitable for all listeners. In November , 13 members of the Biden family gathered on Nantucket for Thanksgiving, a tradition they had been celebrating for the past 40 years; it was the one constant in what had become a hectic, scrutinized, and overscheduled life.

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The Thanksgiving holiday was a much-needed respite, a time to connect, a time to reflect on what the year had brought, and what the future might hold. But this year felt different from all those that had come before. Mel Robbins is back! The international bestselling phenomenon and creator of The Five Second Rule and Kick Ass with Mel Robbins returns to help you tackle the single biggest obstacle you face: fear. This life-changing Audible Original features a powerful mix of one-on-one life-coaching sessions and a personal narrative with vital take-aways that you can start using immediately.

Deputy Shelby Lake was abandoned as a baby, saved by a stranger who found her in the freezing cold.

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Now, years later, a young boy is missing - and Shelby is the one who must rescue a child. The only evidence of what happened to year-old Jeremiah Sloan is a bicycle left behind on a lonely road. Everyone around her is keeping secrets. Martin and his friends discovered that their world is computer generated and that by altering the code they could alter reality.

They traveled back in time to Medieval England to live as wizards. Almost everything they've done since then has, in one way or another, blown up in their faces. So of course they decide to make dragons. It does not go well. When you discover the world is a computer program, and you figure out that by altering the code you can time travel and perform acts that seem like magic, what can possibly go wrong?

Pretty much everything. Just ask Brit, who has jumped around in time with such abandon that she has to coexist with multiple versions of herself. Now, Brit the Elder finds that her memories don't match Brit the Younger's. When your fairy godmother threatens to enslave you with a curse - when a malevolent piper solves your rat problem but steals your children - when you seek revenge on the prince who turned you into a frog - who can you turn to in your hour of need? The band of scoundrels known far and wide as the Bastard Champions - the swashbuckling trio who travel a world of legend, seeking adventure and righting wrongs - as long as there's enough gold to be earned.

Revelling in the sensationalist - and extremely popular - Gothic fiction of her day, the story follows Catherine out of Bath to the lofty manor of the Tilneys, where her overactive imagination gets to work constructing an absurd and melodramatic explanation for the death of Mrs Tilney, which threatens to jeopardise her newly forged friendships.

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When an experiment to study quantum uncertainty goes spectacularly wrong, physics student Bill Rustad and his friends find that they have accidentally created an inter-dimensional portal. They connect to Outland - an alternate Earth with identical geology, but where humans never evolved.

The group races to establish control of the portal before the government, the military, or evildoers can take it away. Then everything changes when the Yellowstone supervolcano erupts in an explosion large enough to destroy civilization and kill half the planet.

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Concerned that technology is about to chase mythological creatures out into the open how long can Sasquatch stay hidden from Google maps? While the League hopes to hold on to secrecy for a little bit longer, they're preparing for the worst in terms of human reactions. They need a plan, so they look to Mystic Bayou, a tiny town hidden in the swamp where humans and supernatural residents have been living in harmony for generations. Andrea Vernon always thought she would spend her life living in Paris writing thought-provoking historical novels all day and sipping wine on the Seine all night.

But the reality is she's drowning in debt, has no prospects, and is forced to move back to Queens, where her parents remind her daily that they are very interested in grandchildren. Then, one morning, she is kidnapped, interviewed, and hired as an administrative assistant by the Corporation for UltraHuman Protection. Superheroes for hire, using their powers for good. What could possibly go wrong? A magical serial killer is on the loose, and gelatinous, otherworldly creatures are infesting the English countryside.

Which is making life for the Ministry of Occultism difficult, because magic is supposed to be their best kept secret. After centuries in the shadows, the Ministry is forced to unmask, exposing the country's magical history - and magical citizens - to a brave new world of social media, government scrutiny, and public relations.

Mattie and Brewster are normal, typical year-old twins who live with their normal, boring parents: Martin and Gwen Banks. Normal and boring, that is, until the day their father's best friend shows up at their house - dressed in what appears to be a bathrobe.

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Most Fillers' wildest dreams would be just to get past the walls and live in the mainland. Read Middlegame by Seanan McGuire. Episodes often have twist-endings and involve aliens. John Harrison—a subversive tale that immerses us in a world where the extremes of bleakness and beauty exist together in dangerous harmony in a city on the edge of civility and chaos. When you discover the world is a computer program, and you figure out that by altering the code you can time travel and perform acts that seem like magic, what can possibly go wrong? Read The Perfect Assassin by K.

The next thing Mattie and Brewster know, their parents are frozen like human statues in their living room, the guy in the bathrobe has vanished, and they need to find answers - fast. Best-selling author Bryan Burrough recently made a shocking discovery: The small town of Temple, Texas, where he had grown up, had harbored a dark secret. One of his high school classmates, Danny Corwin, was a vicious serial killer. In this chilling tale, Burrough raises important questions of whether serial killers can be recognized before they kill or rehabilitated after they do.

It is also a story of Texas politics and power that led the good citizens of the town of Temple to enable a demon who was their worst nightmare. In early , Larry Nassar, the former doctor for USA Gymnastics and Michigan State University, was sentenced to serve out the rest of his life in prison after pleading guilty to a variety of sex crimes.

New York Times best-selling author Mary Pilon and Carla Correa chronicle the scandal from its inception, tracking the institutions that Nassar hid behind, the athletic culture that he benefited from, and the women who eventually brought him to justice. Less than , people live in the Northern Territory, an area more than twice the size of Texas. Tess was a year-old new mother, a former honor roll student, and high school basketball player from suburban Roanoke, Virginia, which has been ravaged by the national opioid crisis.

New York Times best-selling author Beth Macy chronicled Tess and her mom, Patricia, through Tess' harrowing, years-long battle to recover from heroin addiction in her award-winning book, Dopesick. But just as Tess was on the brink of returning to a normal life with her young son, she was brutally murdered.

Among the chilling stories you hear from the now-adult survivors: how, as children, Nassar groomed them for his unique, sought-after "therapy" and the way the community rationalized his beyond-invasive "treatment. In no way is this easy listening, but it is chilling, riveting, and deeply necessary for anyone looking to prevent atrocities like this from happening again. Jensen is clearly a true believer that the public is instrumental to solving cold cases, and he offers tips and motivation for "citizen detectives" who want to help seek justice for victims.

After the publication of his New York Times best-selling book, The Lean Startup , entrepreneur and author Eric Ries traveled the world helping companies of every size adopt the Lean Startup approach in order to become more nimble and experimental no matter what their mission. Through his books The Startup Way and The Lean Startup , Eric Ries has achieved leadership-guru status among those hoping to emulate the success of companies born and bred in and around Silicon Valley—both literally and zeitgeistily.

Tourmaline Larou lives an idyllic life of learning by day and partying by night. An aspiring poet, her future promises nothing less than brilliance. As she struggles to understand the effect this stranger has on her, Tourmaline and her fellow fae face a looming threat from the human world. War is on the horizon, and their very existence is at stake. And Tourmaline will discover whether love will save her - or destroy her. In the year , the Moon belongs to the dead. The largest graveyard in the solar system, it was the perfect solution to the overcrowding and environmental problems that had plagued mankind for centuries.